Zoom Video Relationship Coaching


Your particular relationship problem may be a simple matter of some brief instruction, or a quick summary of agreements to make with your partner.

One hour phone or Skype coaching sessions are available with Marc Sadoff, LCSW.  The session will be scheduled for the first available time available.

You should be scheduling with Marc within 24 hours; and having your session within 3-5 days. Click  HERE to reserve an hour of Relationship Video Zoom Coaching with Marc.  These are links to email Marc at Marc@RealHope.com to request a Video Zoom session.  Marc will reply with an invoice email to set up the time.

Video sessions are not psychotherapy or marriage counseling.  Marc’s video Zoom sessions consist of education modules and is more similar to coaching sessions.  It’s like a private seminar module with Marc.  There is no diagnosis or talk of unconscious forces.  the focus is on the present and the future and the ‘how’ of making changes.  It’s more like a class in which you and your spouse learn how to respond to your partner’s anger or hurt.  Also, how to express yourself when you are upset.  And you’ll learn how to stop any argument in less than 6 seconds.

In video sessions I am your Relationship Coach, not your therapist.  In my role as a coach offering education of the agreements and skills of my ‘RealHope For Couples Conflict- Handling Conflict With Confidence’ seminar and weekend workshop; I am limited to teaching via video.  Therefore, I will not conduct psychotherapy or address unconscious motives and I will not make any diagnoses over the phone or Skype.  If I thought there was a need for a referral for mental health treatment I will say so, but cannot provide that help via video.  My experience with the many hundreds of couples having come to the seminar or having received the workshop manual is that for about 50% of the couples ALL THEY NEEDED WAS TO LEARN THE SKILLS!  Simply learning and making the Five Agreements and learning and practicing the Two Skills of expressing and responding to anger and irritation; was enough to shift the couple into a positive direction.

Skype session are $250 for a one hour session, and $700 for a series of three hours.

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All couples have conflict!  The only thing needed is A PROCESS that both parties agree upon to end the conflict!