Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing Treatment For PTSD

Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD

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Confidential Effective EMDR Or Somatic Therapy For Childhood 
Abuse, Depression, Panic and Anxiety Disorders

EMDR Therapy Treatment For Anxiety & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Los Angeles

My experience with victims of torture, car accident survivors, domestic violence survivors and my training has helped me arrive at a very respectful, patient and effective approach with people with PTSD.

Absolutely confidential therapy and treatment for any types of bad thoughts, fantasies or imagery.   If you want to stop being so affected by those images, nightmares or intrusive bad memories, EMDR is a brief and effective treatment for a broad range of symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s been researched very thoroughly and been found to be very effective at reducing symptoms and subjective feelings of unease. You can read more about EMDR at their website.

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Stop feeling so bad when you can’t stop thinking about: Violent acts…as victim or perpetrator… sexual incidents… humiliating experiences…near death accidents …physical trauma & violence, losses, grief, experiences you regret or are ashamed of.  EMDR can help reduce these unwanted, intrusive and disturbing thoughts, feelings and images.  It’s called desensitization, and as a principle of treatment for anxiety disorders desensitization has been found to be a very successful technique. The EMDR or Somatic Therapy treatment is ideal for people who cannot stop thinking about something in the past. Perhaps it was violence done against them. Or, perhaps it was the violence that you did… that you cannot get out of your head. Maybe it’s the image or sound involved in a particular accident or natural disaster. Some people say it’s like a movie playing in their head that they just can’t get to stop.

For nightmares, intrusive thoughts & images from humiliating, sexual or violent past experiences. Psychotherapy, couples or family and marriage therapy, stress, anger & violence therapy in Los Angeles.  Memories can be desensitized so they no longer make you feel bad, scared or ashamed.  Childhood physical or sexual abuse often leaves a person with some form of posttraumatic stress disorder.

Many people who suffer do not connect their symptoms with the fact that they went through traumatic life changing experiences (War, rape, domestic physical, emotional and mental abuse or violence, car accidents, falls, phobias and fears such as fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of dating and fear of intimacy)  Even if these things happened 20 or 40 years ago, your nervous system can still over-react to current situations which are not actually threatening.  Even when some people know that they are very uncomfortable because of what they went through, they often still avoid treatment because they do not want to to talk about the bad things that have happened in their life.  This makes perfect sense, but then these people suffer alone for the rest of their lives.

The symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder may include any, but not necessarily all of these-

  • Recurring unwanted and intrusive thoughts, feelings & images that you can’t stop thinking about.  Becoming upset when something reminds you of the bad events.
  • Irritibility, anger, sensitivity to noise, music, loud talking, crowds or anxiety about people’s intentions.
  • Decreased sleep patterns.  Appetite decreased.  constipation, diarrhea, rapid breathing, muscle tension or rapid heart beat.
  • Preoccupied with feeling safe.  Hyper-vigilant for danger.
  • Hard to concentrate.  Not being able to read and retain information as before the bad incidents.  Poor functioning at work.
  • Feeling a sense of being different or separate.  No one has experiences like you have had.  Because they haven’t.
  • Instability in relationships.  Being ‘on guard’ all the time.  Not trusting others.
  • Your ability to have loving feelings for others, or yourself, have changed.
  • Guilt about surviving or living.
  • Insomnia or restless sleep & nightmares, day or night flashbacks of images of the trauma, abuse or accident.
  • Exagerrated startle response to loud noises.  Jumpiness.
  • Restless mind that just can’t stop thinking about what happened, but also can’t talk about what happened.
  • Cannot find pleasure in doing activities that used to bring you pleasure or joy (anhedonia).
  • Avoiding things or people that trigger memories, thoughts or feelings that remind you of the bad experience.

I was trained in 1992 by Francine Shapiro Ph.D. in using EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) for the treatment of PTSD (post traumatic stess disorder) stress symptoms such as insomnia, bad dreams, intrusive unwanted thoughts, hypervigilance, thinking all the time about your life, nightmares intimacy problems and being irritable.   This therapy helps eliminate bad thoughts, images, feelings or behaviors.

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In 1997 I volunteered with the Program for Torture Victims, Los Angeles.  I did psychological assessments of torture and abuse for refugees seeking asylum.

In 2012 I was trained in a type of Somatic Therapy developed by Elaine Miller-Karras she calls Trauma Resiliency Model or TRM (Trim). The foundational principles of EMDR and Somatic Therapy are very similar. Both are neurologically based in research and practice.

Examples: Memories from Viet Nam or other wars, rape victim, sexual molestation or incest, pet or animal abuse, bad memories from school or childhood, victim of childhood teasing, shame as a result of your behavior, excessive thoughts or feelings about abandonment, spiritual estrangement, can’t get over lost love relationship or just plain feeling bad when you think of certain memories.  EMDR often works when other treatments fail to desensitize the bad feelings, thoughts and images.StuckHigh-Low-Handout

The Somatic Therapy treatment I was trained in is called Trauma Resiliency Model.  I was trained by Elaine Miller-Karras, LCSW in 2012.  The TRM or  TraumaResiliencyInstitute.com website is here.  The assumptions of this somatic therapy is that the nervous system is still geared up with energy that is connected to experiences that have already occurred.  The result is that the nervous system cannot stay in the ‘Resilient Zone’ where a person makes good decisions and is in a fair mood.  Not too worked up and not too slowed down, or depressed or numb.

There is an app that is free on either Droid ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tritrc.ichill&hl=en )or Apple App store ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ichill/id403527676?mt=8 )called ‘ iChill ‘ that can help you reset your nervous system when you are too ramped up with anxiety, frustration, resentment or hyper vigilance; or when you are stuck on low and feeling depressed, fatigued, hopeless and detached.  It works!!  It’s putting a tool in your hands that you helps you manage your mood.  Anxiousness, numbness, irritability or raging moods can be changed for the better.  If you’re ‘stuck on high’ or ‘stuck on low’ the iChill App is a practical and effective tool to help people with anxiety, PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ) like many of our men and women Veterans this is something that’s almost too simple in how it works.


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