Expert Psychological Evaluations & Witness 
For Asylum & VAWA Cases

Expert Psychological Expert Witness Testimony & Evaluation Assessments in Asylum & VAWA Cases In Immigration Court

Accepted in Immigration Courts 70 out of 70 appearances as expert in traumatic stress

I not only conduct Asylum & VAWA Psychological Evaluations, but I

created an on demand 5 hour online course to train therapists to do them as well.  

See info on getting an evaluation or getting training below.

I’ve trained over 350 clinicians in the last three years via webinar on how to do Immigration Psychological Evaluations.   Go HERE for information or to be notified of the next training.    I’m also offering free monthly online consultation for attendees who want to move forward to do pro bono cases for lawyers of refugees seeking asylum.  To participate in the online consult group meeting monthly go here.  There is no need to have been trained by me and there is no charge.   

For 20 years I’ve done expert witness forensic psychological report writing and I’ve testified 70 times in court for immigrants seeking asylum in U.S. Immigration courts.   I worked with the Program For Torture Victims, Los Angeles from 1998 to 2002 helping victims of government torture and discrimination by doing a good psychological evaluation and testimony in immigration asylum court, that helps to enhance their credibility.   In addition to helping asylum clients who have been tortured, I’ve done many cases of government failure to protect or discrimination and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) cases.   I’ve done discrimination and government failure to protect cases involving persecution and discrimnation against homosexuals, christians, women, molested children, honor killing cases, and political opponents of government ruling powers.

I’ve submitted over 140 asylum and VAWA
psychological evaluations to the court.

My testimony has been accepted, as an expert witness in
traumatic stress
 all 70 times that I’ve testified in immigration court.


About 28 of these cases were assessments of the client for cases being filed under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act).  Four of those VAWA cases were for men.  

My psychological assessment interview and report is often used to assist the attorney in establishing credibility for the applicant in respect to whether the person did indeed suffer from domestic abuse, or torture or discrimination.   I am familiar with the requirements of meeting the needs of the legal statute.  Because of my 30 years of domestic violence clinical experience, I have good credentials to make the case convincingly that the abuse occurred as the client’s declaration indicates it did.  I am usually referred these cases by the client’s lawyer or by Los Angeles Public Counsel.

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Rate per hour is $250.-  On average I can finish an asylum case within  8-11 hours total; consisting of interviews, writing and consultation with lawyers.  Some cases can be handled at negotiated rates.  It usually takes about a three to six weeks to find the clinical time in my schedule to interview the client, and to complete the psychological evaluation.   My experience with detained clients is that I’ll devote a whole Sunday to the interviews.  So, including travel, I have a day rate of $2150.

Expediting Fee- If the client has a merits hearing substantially less than one month from the date of contacting me, there is a surcharge for expediting the interviewing and writing of the report.  It is a negotiated extra fee for changing my own patient load; expediting my schedule and working nights, weekends and overtime to make it happen.  The expediting fee is negotiable but is generally in the range of 10% – 30% extra; to be negotiated.

In asylum cases, when I need to testify in court there is a $1400. flat rate for the day of testimony. 




Training in Conducting Psychological Evaluations for Immigration Court

I’ve trained over 350 clinicians in how to conduct Psychological Evaluations for Asylum,T & U Visas & VAWA cases in Immigration court, how to write evaluation reports and how to testify if needed in court.

Immigration Attorneys I have worked For Asylum cases :


Public Counsel Los Angeles                213-385-2977 Katka Weth Atty at Law

Alan Matkins                                         213-955-5604, Alyssa Engstrom, Atty at Law

Holland & Knight                                 213.896.2532,  Janet Chung, Atty at Law

Jim Angleton, Atty at Law                  213-689-9480

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher                   213-229-7842 Kelly Welch, Azar Mouzari

Morrison, Foester                                858-314-7630 Nathan Cooper Atty at Law

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher                   213-229-7910   Minae Yu

Morrison, Foerester                            213-892-5200 Hui Lin Wang / Johanna

Manatt & Phelps                                 213-312-4336   Sirena Castillo

O’Melveney & Myers                           213-430-6151   Chi

Paul Hastings,                                      213-683-6293 James Gilliam, Atty at Law

Latham, Watkins                                  714-540-1235 Christopher Campbell

Joseph Sandoval, Atty at Law              323-297-1102

Gittel Gordon, Atty at Law                   858-459-2450,  858-459-2410,

Kenneth Goodsell, Atty at Law            626-403-3588

Kelley Drye & Warren                           310-712-6100 David Fink, Atty at Law

Gibson Dunn- Ryan Appletree            213-229-7353

Gibson Dun- Kari Krusmark               213-229-7353

Steve Papazian Atty at Law                 310-627-2276

Steve Landel Esq.                                   310-395-2828

Immigration Attorneys I have worked For VAWA
   (aka Violence Against Women Act) cases :

Several VAWA cases I worked with were on behalf of male victims.

Sergei Shevchenko, Atty at Law         310-285-1552

Judith Foster, Atty at Law                   818- 996-1858

Sandra Ronald, Atty at Law                818 225-1861

Raquel Fonte, Atty at Law                  213 385-7800 x140

Alexandru Cristea, Atty at Law           562-923-5650

Claire Cifuentes, Atty at Law              213 365-6066

Judith Wood, Atty at Law                   213 680-7801

Kathy Alfred, Atty at Law                   818 654-0480

Connie Frentzos, Atty at Law              323 257-4801

Bernie Wolfsdorf, Esq.                         310-573-4242

Cheryl Woodward, Atty at Law           310-450-2003

Garish Sarin, Atty at Law                     213-353-9309

Richard Fraade, Atty at Law                310-274-8847