This is an immediately downloadable Easy Does It Home Study ‘Communicate With Power & Compassion’  Course that will have you making agreements and learning skills tonight!   

This FREE audio file may contain just what
you need to reconnect with your partner.

– The most powerful 3-step technique for responding to someone who is upset with you.
– Expressing anger in the most constructive way.
– How to keep arguments from getting out of control.
– How to find mutual understanding rather than agreement.
– That change is possible! And that change can ‘begin with me.’

Imagine breathing that exhale of RELIEF that comes with the first time that you and your partner use the agreements to go down a different path. Instead of escalating arguing, one of you says one sentence, and both of you stop fighting on a dime, and go into some structured dialogue later that helps you understand each other better!

No more blaming, or contempt.  Stop arguments on a dime!  Clear guidelines for conflict resolution and anger management.

Simple, direct and clear guidelines, tools, methods and structure that couples can agree on before arguing gets out of control.

And, instruction about exactly what to do, and specifically what to say, after a fight.
You don’t go to the doctor every time you have a sniffle. If you can’t get relief over a few days with over the counter remedies, then you go the medical doctor.

Think of the seminar and Home Study Course as your ‘over the counter’ help for your relationship problems. Often, simply using better communication skills eliminates painful arguing.
Understand what your partner needs to hear before he or she can forgive you.A Saturday and Sunday that will change your relationship!


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