officemap2From the 405 going North (As in coming from LAX airport) take the National offramp, turn left on National..go a block to Sawtelle and turn right….then go about a mile to Pico Blvd. …turn left..and the first street is Corinth Ave. turn right…go a block and a half and you will see the ivy covered Corinth Gardens Bldg. on your left.

From the 405 going South take the Olympic/Pico  Blvd. off ramp, that cross-street is Sawtelle.  Go across Sawtelle and the first street is Corinth.  Turn right.  The building is called Corinth Gardens (2211 Corinth Ave. #309) is on your left.

From the Downtown Los Angeles areas take the Santa Monica (10) Frwy. going West- Go west past the San Diego (10) frwy. to the Bundy North off ramp …. you’ll quickly see Pico Blvd…..turn right….go 3 lights to Corinth Ave. turn left and go a block and a half. The Corinth Gardens Bldg. is on the left.

officemap3Some clients park about a block away from the office in the Marshalls/Starbucks mall parking lot which has free three hour parking.

The mall lot entrance is located just south of Olympic Blvd. on Sawtelle Blvd.

If you arrive at the office past 7 pm or on a Sunday, you can call the office through the phone to the right of the gate by dialing #309.. That’s #-(pound) 309…. my suite number.

I can buzz you into the building then.

Go HERE to the Google Maps location map of my office.