Private & Completely Confidential Seminar For Couples

Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD

Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD

Some couples prefer a more private and confidential setting over a public seminar to learn these principles of better communication.

I can cover and present the essence of the seminar privately for a couple in my office or at your home in Los Angeles,  in about five hours.

Five  hours of private sessions split into a total of three sessions. Two sessions of one and a half hours each and a two hour session.
Normally 5 hours at $150./hr. is $750. Complimentary two workshop manuals, a practice DVD and Listening Exchange cards are included, valued at $80.

Cost- $700. if at Marc’s office.


Travel expenses will apply to go to a couples home.  I can travel within the Southwest United States if needed.

Private Home  Visits–  Sessions of the Realhope Couples Program can be provided at absolutely confidentially at your home if that’s desired.
In order to get this special rate I ask that you commit to the 3 sessions in advance.   If, after the first session, you do not think my style is right for you as a couple, you may simply pay the regular rate ($150. x 1.5 hours) of $225. for the first hour and a half session.
You can reserve your time with Marc reservenowbutHERE.  Simply enter ‘700’ in the quantity field.